My account

How do I register to BTG option?

To register to BTG Option, simply click on “open account” and fill-in your personal details and account information, including your user name & password, which will enable you to safely approach your account.

Are there any registration fees?

No, there are no registration fees whatsoever for registering to BTG Option.

Do I need to download software in order to trade?

No, you do not need to download any software in order to trade with BTG Option. We use a highly advanced web-based platform, which does not require any particular technological abilities on your side.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, login to your account, then go to: “My account” section and click “change password”.

Where can I view my Trading History?

After logging in to your account, go to “My account”, where you’ll be provided with all the information regarding your trading account, including your current account balance, bonus balance, trade history, bonus summary and trading statistics.

How can I contact you?

To contact us, you can simply leave your details on our “contact us” page, start an on-line chat with one of our representatives or call us: CA: 1 647 931 1651
AU: 61 280 152 183
UK: 44 2033 181 805

Deposits & Withdrawal

How can I deposit funds on BTG Option?

BTG Option enables the use of a wide range of deposit methods available to you choice. You can deposit money into your trading account via credit card, wire transfer, western Union, Neteller, MoneyGram, Webmoney, QiWi and many other payment methods. To view our full list of available methods visit our deposit page.

To make your first time deposit with us you first need to register, and then you’ll be forwarded to the deposits page, where you’ll be able to choose you preferred means of depositing. Additional deposits can be made via the banking section of the platform after you’ve logged-in.

Is there a minimum deposit amount?

Minimum Deposit is 200$

Is there a maximum deposit amount?

No, there is no maximum deposit amount

Which currencies can I use to deposit?

You can deposit USD, GBP or Euros

How can I make a withdrawal?

To withdraw funds from your account you need to login, then go the “banking” section of the platform, click on “withdrawal” and follow the steps provided by the platform. For more details go to our banking section.

Binary Options

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options are basically digital options, where the trader needs to choose between two possible outcomes for the option. Usually that is whether the option goes up or down in value, touch or not touch a certain target price or stay within the range of two target prices. The option also has only two possible outcomes: either the trader was right in his prediction or not.

What is an ‘in the money’ outcome?

An “in the money” outcome means the option expired in the same way as you predicted. For example: if you chose to place a “High” option on a certain asset, and the asset’s price upon expiration was indeed higher than its original strike price (upon executing the option), then your prediction was correct and you will be “in the money”, meaning you will gain the profits generated by the option’s payout.

What is ‘out of the money’ outcome

An “Out of the money” outcome means your option expired in the opposite direction than what you’ve selected. In this case you’ll be provided with a 15% refund of your trading amount for this option, so you can keep on trading and hopefully become more successful on your next trade.

What is an expiration rate?

An expiration rate is the asset’s value during the option’s expiration time.

Our Platform

Which underlying assets are available on BTG Option?

BTG Option provides a wide range of assets from across all global markets, including stocks, indices, currency pairs and commodities. To view our available assets click here.

What kinds of expiration times are available on BTG Option?

BTG Option enables you to trade short term options starting at merely 60 seconds, going up to 2 minutes, 5 minutes and hourly options. You can also trade with daily or weekly options.

Which financial instruments are available on BTG Option?

We support all available binary options trading instruments, including High / Low options, Boundary, one touch and short term options. Click here to learn more about our available financial instruments.

How do I start trading?

In order to start trading you first need to complete your registration and make a deposit. After that, simply login to your account using your user name & password and you’ll get to the trading area. To conduct your trade, choose which financial instrument you prefer, then select an asset from within the available assets; choose which direction the asset is going to go; enter your trading amount and click “BUY”. You’ll be provided with your return rates according to the option’s outcome.

Is there a minimum amount per trade?

Minimum trading amount is 25$.

What return will I get for a successful trade?

Our payout rates vary between the available financial instruments & different expirations, going up to 95%.

What return will I get if my option expires ‘out of the money’?

In case you option expires ‘out of the money’ BTG Option will usually provide you with a 15% refund of you initial trading amount for the option.

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BTG Option is a binary options broker, enabling traders to trade binary options through a highly advanced trading platform, via various financial instruments & expiration times. You should not engage in binary options trading prior to fully understanding the extent of risk involved in such derivatives, as trading binary options may result in the loss of part of / all your investment, and is thus not suitable for all investors. We also recommend you read through our Terms & Conditions prior to initiating your trade. Asset's prices on site are those in which BTG Option is willing to issue for a certain option / asset, and are not necessarily real-time market prices. BTG Option will not be held liable to any loss or damage to a person/ entity as a result of binary options trading, nor to any capital gain tax liabilities which may apply to an individual. BTGOption.com is run and operated by Bad Boys Media Services LTD, UK